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Charleston Mayoral Candidates Fail to Impress

I attended the mayoral mixer at the Charleston Digital Corridor last week (ok, I snuck in the back for free apps and drinks). The event was designed to be an opportunity for Charleston’s next leader to discuss their vision of how they would support and promote the growing technology community here.

The evening was a no-threat environment for the candidates: An open forum with a clear agenda and scripted questions which should have been known in advance. As if it wasn’t painfully clear what the discussion topics and expectations were, there was an editorial published in that morning’s Post and Courier signed by 10 of the area’s top technology leaders laying it all out in 350 words.

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A Startup Helping Startups

Ours is an unconventional PR startup with unconventional clients. We chose our niche market because we wanted to make a difference, not as a primary income generating venture. Our firm carries no overhead and everyone has other supplemental sources of income – that allows us to survive. We have over 120 collective years of professional experience under our belts and a network of fantastic mentors at our disposal, yet we are learning and growing every day and understand it’s hard work.

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Confederates & Kisses: Our Cultural Disconnect

Question: What do the photos above have in common?

Answer: They both should be captioned, “Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.”

The Confederate battle flag has been in existence in some shape or form for 150 years. Whether or not it should be flown on public or government grounds or whether it is morally acceptable to own, sell or fly one has been debated and discussed and then some over that lengthy period.

Is American culture so lacking of depth that some loony craving his 15 minutes of dark fame can alter legislation and commerce overnight? Apparently.

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Want Your Business To Succeed? Think Like Your Customer

I was reading an article the other day discussing how to “elevate your game” to top your business competitors. Like so many others, the article overlooked the crucial point of focusing on your customers.

I always ask clients, “What’s in it for the customer?” Most of the time their response is focused on their particular product or service, how awesome it is, how it will disrupt the market, how it will make them a rockstar, (insert other trendy buzzword here) blah, blah, blah…

But it’s not about what you are selling or providing, it’s about serving the need the customer has – scratching their proverbial itch. And many times that itch isn’t a known or universal among your markets.

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3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Social Media

I was always of the opinion that social media was supposed to be a conversational tool that could bring people together.

In reality it seems to be a lot of people talking and no one really listening. So in an effort to break that paradigm, I’d like to offer these three tips (that I use myself) for those who believe in that whole conversation, give and take thing…

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Media Ethics: If It Bleeds, It Leads

The gruesome journalism axiom, “If it bleeds, it leads.” has played out in Charleston and across the nation this week after the senseless shooting death of Walter Scott by a local police officer.

Let me be clear: It’s wrong that a human being was shot in the back, dead. It doesn’t matter who shot him or why. It’s unjustifiable. It’s. Just. Wrong.

But there is another thing almost as bad: How desensitized our society has become to violence as a whole, and how desperate our media have become to exploit tragic events like this to gain readers, viewers and notoriety for themselves.

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Respect: The Corollary to Miss Manners

The statue is the Vietnam Women’s Memorial and is a moving and tear-inducing representation of three military nurses ministering to what appears to be a dying young soldier. The memorial honors the women who died there military, journalists, and others who served in honorable ways. What is jaw dropping is that according to the news story THE PARENTS ENCOURAGED THE CHILDREN TO CLIMB ON THE STATUE FOR A PICTURE. Seriously???

Hey, mom and dad! The monuments that mark the sacrifices made by military men and women is there for us to honor and respect, not for your child to climb over like a Jungle Gym or pose for a selfie.

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